Meditation is an art of mental self control. Exercises below will help you control your mind and your thoughts. This will help you remove the thoughts of:

  • depression
  • fear
  • anger

Some mind clearing exercises also help us improving our concentration power.

Mind clearing Exercises
1) breath counting meditation
2) walking breath meditation
3) simple chanting meditation
4) slow waking meditation
5) the flame meditation

1) Breath counting meditation :
Begin by practising this meditation while sitting comfortably.
Simply count the exhale of each breathe, mentally: “Inhale….1, Inhale…..2, Inhale….3, and so on. Strive not to lose your count and also try not to alter or regularise your breathing in any way. Try to feel the physical sensation of each breath, both inhale and exhale .
If you find yourself thinking about anything except the feel of your breathe and the number of that breathe, return to focus on the sensation of breathing and the number of that breath. If you are not sure what number breathe you are on, begin again with “ In….1 .” . No judging , no I blew the count thoughts, just back to “in …..1 .”
Its get easier with practice.
The beauty of this meditation is that , once learned you can do it anywhere ! ( No one can tell you that you are doing something unusual. )

2) walking breath meditation :
Walk a bit more slowly than usual , focussing your attention on ins and outs of your breath. Begin each inhale or exhale with a mental label of In or Out . Without trying to control the breathe too much , see if you begin each in and each out breathe exactly as one of your feet hits the ground. Notice how many steps you take during each inhalation and how much steps you take during each exhalation .
Then count each step as you walk and breathe , so that in your mind you are saying “in 2,3,4…Out …2,3,4 . perhaps the counting can change and inhale could be longer than exhale or vice versa.
I use this meditation before going to exam unless I am late. Lol

Above two meditations are easy because they are cut and dried,
Almost mechanical. If you follow the simple instructions you can’t go wrong. Practice this as long as you like. If you do nothing but these Exercises regularly , you would still derive great calmness and Energy from your practice.

3) Simple chanting meditation :
Sit in a comfortable, upright position in a quiet place. Place thumbs and forefingers together. Now focus your attention on a pleasant sounding 1 or 2 syllable word. Yogis seem to prefer OM or AUM.
AMEN may be especially for those of Christian persuasion.
Begin slowly whispering the word (let’s say OM). Stop whispering OM and just think OM. perhaps you will picture the word OM written out in your mind. Keep your attention focused on that OM.
Of course your mind will wander. You will find your self thinking about something. But bring back your attention on OMMMM…
You can do it for few seconds first then half a minute then as much as you want.

4) The slow walking meditation :
You’ll probably want to begin practicing this one in a private place, since it looks a bit funny (lol). Pick a spot where you can walk for at least 8 or 10 feet in a straight line.
Now walk very slowly, so slowly that you have enough time to mentally label each part of your step. Say lifting as you pick your foot up. Say moving as your foot travels through the air. Say placing as you put your foot down again. Say shifting as you shift your weight onto that foot. Say lifting as you begin to pick up the other foot. And so on. Lifting, moving, placing, shifting…. Lifting, moving, placing, shifting….
This is truly life in a slow lane! Whenever your attention wanders, bring it back to your walking process. (Some people call this the zombie walk).

5) The flame meditation :
In a darkened room, from 10 or 15 inches away, stare intently at a candle flame for one or two minutes. Whenever your attention wanders, return your gaze to the tiny heart of that tiny fire. Try not to think about the candle, or this exercise or anything else. Just return your attention to stare at the flame.
Abruptly blow the candle out, close your eyes. Within a few seconds, you will begin to see the image of the flame again, apparently projected at the side of the eyelids. Watch the image for as long as you can. If you concentrate you can recognize it easily, with practice you will be able to perceive the image for at least as long as you watched the actual flame.
You can achieve strong concentration through this exercise.

Whenever the thoughts of fear ,anger, depression come in your mind try any of the five exercises which will help you remove those thoughts from your mind for some time. These exercises have worked for me.