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    Default Boyfriend Develops a Rash after Sex

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    So I was my boyfriend's first, so I'm positive he's completely STD free (same with myself). And we've been having sex for about 9 months, but about 3 months ago he started developing a rash on his lower abdomen after sex. The rash is red with some bumps and he says it's itchy. It disappears rather quickly though. Also, this rash began to form once when I was ehem, performing oral sex.

    What could this be? It never occured before when we were having sex. I can't think of any reason why this would start.

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    Default Re: Boyfriend Develops a Rash after Sex

    How many times has this happened? Was it just one off?
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    Default Re: Boyfriend Develops a Rash after Sex

    possible heat rash had this beofre when having sex with my gf just drink more cold water

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    Default Re: Boyfriend Develops a Rash after Sex

    Yeah was it only once or every time or what?
    Maybe you just ate something he's allergic to?
    Maybe you are touching him with dirty hands, or he's allergic to your make up or your hand lotion or some lubricant you use.

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